Class H14


Please register for membership of the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show to receive discounted entry fees where applicable. You must have submitted and completed your membership order before entering the class in order to avail of the discount. 

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Fruit & Vegetables

Where specified, judging of vegetables and fruit will use the points system from the Royal
Horticultural Society, The Horticultural Show Handbook. Please see page 18 of the Horticultural Schedule, which can be found here. 

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Class H14: Ten Small Fruited Tomatoes

Guide size under 35mm diameter

Entry Fee: £2.00 Sponsors: Tate Fencing; Tate Fencing Prizes: 1st - £5 cash, 2nd - £4 cash, 3rd - £3 cash, 4th - 4th Prize, 5th - 5th Prize, 6th - 6th Prize, 7th - 7th Prize, 8th - 8th Prize, 9th - 9th Prize

The Edenbridge Allotment Cup will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining the most points in classes H6 - H23. 

The National Vegetable Society’s Medal will be awarded to the most meritorious exhibit in the Vegetable Classes H6 - H23.

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