Flowers & Vegetables Rules & Regulations


The Show to be held at Ardenrun, Lingfield, Surrey on Sunday 27th & Monday 28th August 2023.


By entering competition classes at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show, you, and all of your associated party, agreed to abide by the rules and regulations set out below.

General Regulations 2023

All entries must be made on the official form or online and must be received together with correct entry fees no later than 11th August 2023. No exception can be made to this rule. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery. Entry fees will not be refunded in the event of an exhibitor’s failure to stage any of the exhibits entered. Entries made after this date will not be accepted. 
Exhibitors who have entered but subsequently find they cannot exhibit are requested to notify to that effect by 21st August 2023 by phone or email to the Show Office.
Should cancellation of the event be necessary after entries have been made, exhibitors will be offered a refund or carry-over to a subsequent event of all entry fees paid. The Show accepts no liability for additional expenses incurred by exhibitors in the event of cancellation. 
Notification must be included on the entry form whether an exhibitor wishes their entry to be cleared after the Show by: (a) themselves or (b) the Show Organisers. Only exhibitors producing a valid Horticultural Exhibitor’s Pass will be admitted to the rear tent on Monday 28th August 2023 for the purpose of clearing exhibits. Exhibits cannot be removed until 4.00pm and must be cleared by 4.30pm on Monday 28th August 2023. The Committee reserves the right to sell or dispose of any exhibits not removed from display by 4.30pm on Monday 28th August 2023.
Entry to a horticultural class will give an exhibitor a vehicle pass and a horticultural exhibitor pass which provide entry to the rear of the horticulture marquee for the purpose of staging and removing exhibits only. Any exhibitor whose entries provide income to the Show of £10 or more will be eligible to convert their horticultural exhibitor pass to a Show ticket valid for entry on 1 day. Vehicles. Aside from loading and unloading, individual exhibitors will not be able to park behind the Horticulture Marquee.  
Tables will be provided by the Show Organisers. All exhibitors must stage their own exhibits by 8.00am on Sunday 27th August 2023. The Committee reserves the right to decline exhibits arriving after the time specified.
If there are fewer than three entries in a class then the Committee reserves the right to cancel the class. No Second Prize will be awarded unless there are at least three entries in a class (and at least two individual exhibitors). No Third Prize will be awarded in a class unless there are at least four entries.
Judges have the power to withhold prizes in any class if they think the exhibits to be unworthy. Their decision is final.
Prize money will be paid electronically into the entrant’s nominated bank account after the event. Entrants should take care to ensure they enter the correct information on the entry form. 
Only one exhibit may be entered by an exhibitor in each class and a maximum of 2 per household. Exhibitors may not substitute one entry for another. All exhibits must be cleaned and trimmed before being brought to the Show.
Arrangement of exhibits must be in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and subject to the approval of the Committee and Show Organisers. Nothing can be altered on the exhibits after judging. All vases and plates, etc. will be provided by the Edenbridge & Oxted Show, unless otherwise stated.
Only officials appointed by the Show Organisers will be allowed in the marquee whilst the judging is being carried out. All exhibitors and their assistants shall leave the place of exhibition punctually at the time appointed for judging, and any exhibitor or their assistant who remains in the place of exhibition after the time stated for judging shall be liable to have their exhibits disqualified.
Only those with valid exhibitor passes will be permitted entrance to the Horticulture Marquee outside the advertised public opening hours.
Any exhibitor obtaining or attempting to obtain a prize fraudulently will forfeit any prize money or prize. The prize will be awarded to the competitor next in order of merit.
Any protest must be made in writing and handed to the Chief Steward before 12pm on Sunday 27th August 2023.
Each exhibitor will receive one free non-transferrable vehicle pass for the purpose of staging exhibits.
All exhibitors must conform to the Rules and Regulations and must carry out any instructions given by the Stewards in charge. The Show Organisers reserve the right to withhold all prize money from any exhibitor breaking any of these rules.
The Committee reserves the right to visit any exhibitor’s garden/allotment, so as to verify that they have grown the intended exhibit.
The Organisers, their officers and servants, will not be responsible for loss or damage of any exhibit or privately owned apparatus and fittings, either at the Show or in transit, nor for loss or damage to any vehicle brought into the Showground during the period of occupation of the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show.
Exhibitors will be wholly responsible for any claims made by any person or persons whom they employ under the Employers’ Liability Act or the Workmens Compensation Act, 1925, or any amendment thereof or otherwise and shall indemnify the Show Organisers against all such claims and against all costs and proceedings in respect thereof.
The Event Safety Officer is the designated COVID-19 officer for the Show and will be assisted by the Show’s stewards, security and medical staff. The Show will implement any government restrictions and best practice advice required both during the build-up and operation of the Show. These may include social distancing, signage, hand sanitising stations, requirement to wear face masks, areas with limited access and controlled routes of flow. 
The exhibitor assumes responsibility for ensuring that their exhibits and activities comply with all legal requirements and best practice COVID-19 advice as may be in place at the time of the event to protect the safety of exhibitors and public alike. 
Data given upon entry of any classes to Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show will be retained and used to provide you with reasonable information about your participation and about the event in general. It may also be provided to various and relevant societies for checking eligibility, for publication of results, and may be published in the Show’s catalogue, social media and website. By providing data you are giving permission for that data to be stored on the Show’s systems and databases. The Show’s Privacy Notice can be found on our website at 
By entering a competition class you permit the Show Organisers to use your name and photographs of your exhibit in our publicity material. This could be online, in print and could be supplied to third party media organisations for publication. 
The Show Organisers reserve to themselves the sole and absolute right to interpret these or any other prescribed regulations and conditions, entry forms or sheets, and arbitrarily to settle or determine all or any matters questions or differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to the Show; also to refuse or cancel awards or prizes, medals or reserve numbers or alter any conditions as the Show Organisers may deem expedient. Also to substitute other judges for those announced, or to make additional appointments, and reserve the right to refuse entries.

Regulations - Culinary Classes

Exhibits to be displayed on Sunday 27th August 2023 by 8am. Exhibits would be preferably displayed on Sunday 27th August 2023 rather than Saturday 26th August 2023 for health and safety reasons. If exhibitors have to exhibit on Saturday they must keep their exhibit in a sealed container and inform a member of the Horticulture Committee that it needs to be taken out on Show day.
Preserves/curds/chutneys/pickles must be correctly labelled, dated in full and in PLAIN jars. New lids or wax discs with cellophane if appropriate.

Baked goods to be baked in size and shape of own choice. All baked goods to be delivered ready-displayed on a disposable plate of suitable size. No fresh cream in filling or decoration.
Recipes should be available to enable the judge to make a fair appraisal (these are for reference only and need not be put on show).
Some items may be on display for a few hours before being tasted. Please do not use fish.
For reasons of hygiene, competitors are to provide domed covers once their entry is on the display table. 
Emphasis will be given to the taste and culinary presentation of the display.

Regulations - Floral Art Classes

An exhibit is to be composed of natural plant material, in all its forms, with or without accessories, contained within a space as specified in the Show Schedule.
Exhibits must be created by the named exhibitor ONLY at the Show venue unless otherwise stated in the Show Schedule.
Failure to comply with any specific requirements of a class as stated in the Schedule e.g. the measurements of the components will be disqualified.
Plant material must have its roots or cut stem ends in water or water-retaining material unless it will remain turgid for the duration of the Show.