Competitions for gundogs are held in the Country Sports area of the Show and include The E&O Retriever Challenge and demonstrations on both days.

Organised once again by The South Eastern Gundog Society the Gundog Arena at this year’s Edenbridge & Oxted Show will feature invitation competitions, demonstrations and fun ’Have a Go!’ events.

On Sunday 27th August ‘The E&O Retriever Challenge’ will feature 15 ‘open’ standard retrievers, with the 2022 winner joined by handlers nominated by local gundog Clubs and Societies, and on Monday 28th August ‘The E&O Team Challenge’ will feature 6 Teams (named after local towns and villages) each of 4 dogs made up of 2 Spaniels and 2 Retrievers.

In both competitions handlers and dogs will be tested on a variety of marked and unseen retrieves that make full use of the ground and cover, incorporating the various fences, enclosures and exciting new water feature!

On both days there will also be various demonstrations with Neil Varney of showing the energy of the English Springer Spaniel while his twin brother Nigel Varney will be showing the amazing versatility of the Lurcher, working as a pest control dog and also as a picking up dog.

The Junior ‘Have a Go!’ will give some younger members of the audience the chance to handle a gundog while the entertaining Edenbridge Express, a long marked retrieve to find the day’s quickest dog and open to all breeds, is a light hearted and action packed finale on both days.

And don’t forget to visit our Gundog Advice tent where experienced handlers will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

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