Class C221


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Dairy Cattle Jersey

Monday 28th August 2023

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Class C221: Jersey Production Inspection Class

For an officially milk recorded pedigree Jersey cow.

Particulars of milk and butterfat records must be furnished by the exhibitor, either by a Certificate of Milk Records, Cow Record Page and/or card or other official statement (M.R.S.) showing lactation period for each animal entered.

These details must be lodged with the Chief Dairy Cattle Steward not later than 11.00am Sunday 27th August. Exhibitors must produce the correct certificate or page for lactation of not more than 305 days otherwise entry will be disqualified.

(Judging will take place during Sunday afternoon)
In classes C181, C211, C221 & C246 the prizes will be awarded in accordance with the total number of points gained by each cow under the following scale:
(a) INSPECTION. Inspection points will be awarded at the discretion of the judge.
(b) MILK RECORD. Two points for each kg of butterfat and protein.
(c) CALVING INTERVAL. One point to be added for every day under 400. One point to be
deducted for every day over 400.

(Note: Heifer lactations will be eligible with no gain or loss of points for calving interval)

Entry Fee: £17.00 Class Closed Judges: Mrs Linda Batty; Mr Chalres Reader Prizes: 1st - £40 cash, 2nd - £30 cash, 3rd - £20 cash, 4th - £10 cash, 5th - 5th Prize, 6th - 6th Prize, 7th - 7th Prize, 8th - 8th Prize, 9th - 9th Prize