Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show


There are more animals gathered together for close encounters with visitors than at almost any other event in the entire South East.  This is the ideal opportunity for visitors to see and touch animals more usually seen on TV, in a book or through a car window.  Around the showground meet up with Alpacas, Bats, Bearded Dragon, Bees, Cattle, Chinchillas, Cockroaches, Dogs, Donkeys, Falcons, Ferrets, Goats, Guinea Pigs, Hawks, Horses,  Llamas, Meerkats, Mules, Owls, Pigs, Ponies, Poultry, Rabbits, Scorpions, Sheep, Snakes and Spiders.  Experts are on hand to tell you about the individual animals, and their care.  Many of them you can stroke and be photographed with them.  Please use the special handwash dispensers provided around the showground after touching any animal.


  Get a selfie with the Bearded Dragon in the Exotic Animals Enclosure near Ring 4 and Gate 4 in the Country Sports section on the southeast corner of the showground.

  Have a go at tunnel racing vs Ferrets and meet them up close.  Also near Ring 4 and Gate 4 in the Country Sports section

  Meet the Meerkats - near the Ferret racing and Exotic Animal enclosure in the southeast corner of the showground

  So many farmyard animals to see.  New Parade of Livestock in the Huntworth Main Arena Sunday 4.30pm

  The Village Green will host the Harvey's Brewery Dray with its two magnificent horses Jim and Guinness.  Meet them and be photographed with them.

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