Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show

Plan Your Day

With a 140 acre showground offering non-stop entertainment and activities, here is some advance information to help you make the most of your day.

The gates open at 8am on both days.  By each entrance are programme sellers with details of all the attractions and competitions, a detailed timetable and a colour-coded map at the back to help you find your way around.  There are also signposts all around the showground.


TIGERS CHILDREN'S MOTORCYCLE DISPLAY TEAM :  Sunday 11.15am & 3.50pm  Monday 11.10am & 3.20pm Fairfax Properties Main Arena

The Tigers, aged between 5 and 16, will come roaring into the Fairfax Properties main arena twice daily for thrilling shows filled with stunts involving fire jumps, riding stunts and car jumps. 

The junior team who are aged between 5 and 8 pull out all the stops with complicated formation riding pushing their concentration span to the limit.  Our senior team, aged 8 to 16, exhibit technical skill and courage jumping through fire and over bikes and even cars.  Watch out for the Tiger mascot, one of the youngest members of the team.  

The Tigers have been performing for 37 years and in that time have raised considerable sums of money for charity.



ULTIMATE CHALLENGE - BMX VS TRAILBIKE VS FREE RUNNING : 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3.30pm both days - Performance Arena between Bandstand & Village Green

The world champion BMXers are back – they thrilled the Edenbridge and Oxted crowds last year and this year they’ve got competition.  They return with some of the UK’s leading trials riders and free runners in the “Ultimate Challenge”.  Who can win the spectators over with their amazing tricks and obvious daring and skills?

Mountain bike trials riders aim to travel over an obstacle course without setting foot on the ground and it involves strength, determination and some daring moves. They have very special skills because they have the ability to jump the bicycle without the need of any speed or ramps. They can jump onto, between and off platforms they can ride over cars and jump off them. Free runners interact with obstacles, flipping and spinning as they go.  Together with the world champ BMXers they will perform individual stunts but as the performance goes on they all start to integrate and perform at the same time.

Each performer will attempt massive jumps, large backflips and a few special tricks using a trampette.  They will go head to head performing their best tricks in a build-up to become the crowd’s favourite.  Last year the Show was so popular so this year promises three times the excitement.  They will be performing very regularly throughout the whole two days in a specially-created arena area on the south west area of the showground between the bandstand and the Village Green. In between displays there will be a Junior Have a Go obstacle course - just turn up and borrow a bike and safety equipment for free with the superstars on hand to provide advice and encouragement.


Pony Club Mounted Games : Sunday 10.10am & 3.10pm   Monday 10.30am & 2.40pm Fairfax Properties Main Arena

New this year is the Pony Club Mounted Games in the Fairfax Properties main arena twice daily on both days. Teams from across the South East will compete in an event first devised by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 60 years ago to encourage any child to have fun while demonstrating courage, determination and all-round riding ability. His Royal Highness suggested that the Pony Club should organise a Mounted Games competition for ordinary children on ordinary ponies which would teach the basics of riding whilst the children were having fun. Today you can join The Pony Club whether you own a pony or not.

Six decades after Prince Philip had the vision, The Mounted Games still provides a team competition requiring special strength of character and skill on the part of the team members, with careful and systematic training of their ponies. The objective is to encourage a higher standard of riding throughout the Pony Club and to stimulate among the future generation a greater interest in riding as a sport and as a recreation. A younger Member may often begin on a lead rein but as confidence, balance and co-ordination grow they quickly progress to  Junior and then Senior levels. Team work is vital and at invitation competitions such as The Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show, friendships are often made which will last for ever.

 The teams coming from West Kent, West Hants and Romney Marsh Pony Clubs have had great past triumphs.  Riding for West Hants is a current England Mounted Games team member who competed at Royal Windsor in May.  West Hants have fielded some very successful mounted games teams including the Prince Philip Cup Reserve Champions 2017 and Junior National Champions 2012 and Horse of the Year Show finalists 2014 and competed at Burley Horse Trials.  They will be up against tough opponents who have also enjoyed success and they will all be there to win.  Watch them battle it out with obstacles and items to collect and heart-stopping manoeuvres  and fast canters to the line.  Choose your favourite team and shout for them at 10.10am and 3.10pm on Sunday 26th and 10.30am and 2.40pm in the Fairfax main arena.


Don't miss the Meerkat Magic at this year's Show.  Don't we just love these fascinating creatures who have such strong family bonds with such amusing interactions as they play in their family units?  What a chance to get right up close to these wonderful animals, take your own Meerkat memento photos, watch them playing together and talk to the expert handlers all about the individual characters. 

Meet the Meerkats at a special marquee near the Dog Agility Course in the Country Sports section and entry into the enclosure is free.



Next to the Meet the Meerkats Enclosure will be a brand new Interactive Animal Centre.  The Show has always been the place to get really face to face with farmyard animals but never before has there been an area where visitors can hold, touch and be photographed with huge hairy spiders, massive snakes, hissing cockroaches, scary scorpions, cuddly chinchillas and the magnificent Bearded Dragon.  You can be as brave as you wish or just enjoy these wonderful exotic creatures by watching from afar.  The whole experience is free to visitors.




Making a first appearance at the Show on Sunday 26th are The Sussex Stompers, a traditional Dixie jazz band comprising a front line of trumpet, clarinet and trombone with a rhythm section of banjo, bass and drums.  Formed 10 years ago, they play regularly at the famous 1066 Jazz Club in Hastings.  

The Stompers will be playing music from the early 20th century, typically the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s. Tunes featured are from the likes of The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, King Oliver, kid Ory and of course the great Louis Armstrong amongst many others.

Toe-tapping ensemble playing features strongly with solo choruses, vocals and feature numbers all in the New Orleans tradition.

Catch one of the region’s most celebrated jazz bands at the Bandstand  as they perform half hour shows between 10am and 4pm on the first day of the Show.  Relax with a picnic from the regional food marquee or one of the freshly-made refreshment stands in the food court and enjoy the Stompers who promise music that is always light hearted, lively and fun to listen and dance to.

Try playing a Ukelele on Bank Holiday Monday

Ukeleles are going to make their first ever appearance at the Show when the East Grinstead Ukeleles play at the Bandstand on Bank Holiday Monday.  The group  will be doing 25 minute sets from 10am to 4pm, with short breaks for some of the key players to perform in small groups  At  3pm there will be a Ukelele Try-Out.  Come along to the free workshop and try playing a ukelele.  Find out why so many adults and children are currently taking the ukelele up. It is probably the most popular instrument being played today in schools, replacing the recorder in many instances. 

The ukulele was born in Portugal, and in 1879 it travelled with immigrants from Madeira to Hawaii. With the King of Hawaii’s patronage its popularity quickly spread throughout the islands and hence to the rest of the western world. By the 1920s and 30s no party, barbecue or campsite was complete without a ukulele sing-song.

Then along came George Formby, a superb player but his songs and films turned the uke into a joke. Tessie O’Shea didn’t help either with her “Two Ton Tessie from Tennessee.” Nor did Tiny Tim who, on the American TV show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” sang “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” in a ridiculous falsetto voice and made the instrument look stupid. The final blow came when rock and roll arrived with its sexy amplified electric guitars - the uke was virtually dead. But now it is back with a vengeance.

Ukuleles are the top selling instrument in music shops -  just have a look in their windows. The “uke” and its cousin the banjo-ukulele have four strings, one for each finger, which make them easier to play than a guitar and the strings are made of nylon which doesn’t hurt your fingers as much as the steel strings on a guitar.

Ukulele clubs have sprung up everywhere and there is one thriving nearby. In September 2013, Ian Clarkson, the lead singer and ukulele player of the famous East Grinstead based swing band The Jive Aces, commented from the stage “We should start a ukulele club.” Several in the audience agreed and they now have fifty players meeting on alternate Tuesdays at The Dorset Arms and two hundred members who have signed up to their FaceBook page.

Come along to the bandstand on Monday and listen to East Grinstead Ukuleles demonstrate the versatility of this little instrument and join in their workshops.

They will definitely not be leaning on lamp-posts or cleaning windows.



10am Danny Tonks

11am Royal Liberty Morris

12.10  James Kerry

13.20 Royal Liberty Morris

14.40  Karma Duo

15.40 Royal Liberty Morris



10am Alan Austin & Linda Smith

11am  Royal Libery Morris

12.10  Danny Tonks

13.20  Royal Liberty Morris

14.30  James Kerry

15.40  Royal Liberty Morris


Danny Tonks :  A regular around North Kent, Danny is delighted to be performing at the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show for the first time this year. He is an awesome guitarist – playing with a unique style that has to be seen to be believed. He plays not just the strings but the whole guitar.

Royal Liberty Morris : A mixed Morris Dance side (or team) from Havering, based in Hornchurch, Essex, UK. Unlike many Morris Teams, who dance only one style or Tradition, they dance Cotswold (Ascot tradition), Molly sword and Border Morris each with equal enthusiasm, vigour, spectacle... and scaffold poles.

James Kerry : Well known nationally in the folk scene both as a solo performer and a member of the band Foot Down, James will be entertaining you with a combination of traditional and modern folk music – with a few of his own compositions thrown in. Guaranteed to get your toes tapping!   

Karma Duo :  Always a popular addition to the day’s music. They feature Del on Lead Guitar, with Rachel on Vocals – playing Classic Rock, Pop, Blues & Soul. Anything from Presley to Pink Floyd, Gloria Gaynor to Janis Joplin.


Alan Austin and Susan Smith :  traditional music to get the Bank Holiday started.

Bring a picnic or visit the Food Hall for regional delicacies or the Food Court for freshly-cooked refreshments and there are Real Ale Beer tents, freshly squeezed lemonade stands and other drinks outlets around the showground.  There is a family picnic area.  Visitors may obtain an exit stamp on their hand and go out of the gates back to the car with their many purchases from the shops and bring back their picnic baskets but please do not at any time leave an animal in the car.  

With over 1500 horses, ponies and donkeys competing in over 140 classes there is plenty of choice for spectators. More details in the Horse Schedule found in the COMPETING  section.

 Bring your dog to take part in the ever –popular Unaffiliated Dog Show in the Country Sports area on the Monday of the Show.  Entries are taken from 9am and judging commences at 12.00pm.  All dog owners can enter and there are classes for pedigrees and crossbreeds.  The timetable of events section includes details of the two days of events, competitions and demonstrations in the Dog Section.  All dogs are very welcome to come into the showground free of charge but must be kept on a lead and no dog is permitted to enter the livestock tents.  Please do not leave any dog in the car.

Everyone is invited to attend a Holy Communion church service  at 8.00am on Sunday morning.  The service will be conducted by The Reverend Sebastian Harries, Curate of St Peter & St Paul's, Lingfield.  It is being held in the Members' Enclosure and all visitors will be able to gain access to that area in order to attend the service.

In case of emergency the Show Secretary’s Office is in a double decker bus on the eastern edge of the main show ring and you will also see voluntary stewards driving in golf buggies, linked by walkie talkies and ready to help visitors.  There is a tannoy system for emergency messages.  There are two first aid posts clearly signposted, one on the South Eastern perimeter near the angling in the Country Sports area and one on the Western edge near the Rabbits and Poultry Marquee and Shopping Arcade Block F.

Book your advance tickets here - The friendly atmosphere at our show is legendary!

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