Class HG728

Equestrian Showjumping British Showjumping Class HG728: The Harwoods Land Rover Knock Out

Table C. Start Height 1.15m. Eligibility criteria as per British Showjumping rule 280. Drawn order. Competitors must declare 1 hour before scheduled start time. This class is open to the highest place

Entry Fee: £25.00 Championship Class: no direct entry Sponsors: Harwoods Land Rover Edenbridge; Harwoods Land Rover Edenbridge Prizes: 1st - £250, 2nd - £200, 3rd - £125, 4th - £125, 5th - £25, 6th - £25, 7th - £25, 8th - £25

The Upex Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the winner of this class.