Class HG719

Equestrian Donkeys Class HG719: Best Conditioned & Turned Out Donkey

Any age, any sex. To be judged 75% condition, 25% turnout. Conformation will not be taken into account.


These classes are affiliated to and run under the rules of the British Donkey Society. These classes are open to all donkeys and all exhibitors whether they are members of the Donkey Breed Society or not. For the award of DBS rosettes the exhibit must be owned by a member of the DBS. DBS Certificates will be awarded to all Champion Donkeys at the DBS AGM held in November each year and special rosettes will be awarded by the DBS at the Annual Championship Show to the qualifying donkeys in attendance. Special DBS Rosettes will be presented in each class.

Entry Fee: £16.00 Class Closed Prizes: 1st - £20, 2nd - £15, 3rd - £10


A Best Local Donkey rosette (presented by the DBS) will be awarded to the best local donkey living within a 25 mile radius of the showground. Eligible competitors to wear a white armband. This rosette will be presented immediately after the Championship.


T120     The winner of class 719 will be awarded the K G Norman Shield.