Class HG714

Equestrian Driving Private Driving Class HG714: Pleasure Driving

Open to horses, ponies, donkeys and mules aged 4 years old or over. Single, pair or tandem driven to a vehicle capable of seating 2 or more persons. Traditional and non-traditional vehicles are permit


These classes are affiliated to the British Driving Society.


Class 714 is open to newcomers to showing and not intended for those who show in Private Driving classes. Regular showing competitors are asked to respect this and entries for the Pleasure Driving class will not be accepted from those who enter our Private Driving classes.

To be judged on general cleanliness, safety of turnout, correct fitting of harness and vehicle suitability. To be judged: 15% vehicle suitability, fit and cleanliness;15% harness suitability, fit and cleanliness; 70% driver and groom, horse/pony, way of going and suitability as a family pleasure animal. Competitors may, for example, be required to drive and halt between two pairs of cones and/or given other specific movements to execute in their show.

Entry Fee: £25.00 Class Closed Prizes: 1st - £35, 2nd - £30, 3rd - £25


T142     The Nettlestead Baron Memorial Cup will be awarded to the winner of class 714, and kindly presented by Mrs Elcome.


A bottle of champagne will be awarded to the best donkey or mule in a non-traditional vehicle in class 714. This prize will be kindly presented by Mr Neil Burke.