Class HG559

Equestrian Foreign Breeds Class HG559: Foreign Breeds In Hand

Any age. May be shown in English or traditional bridle. Serretas must have a throat lash.


Open to all recognised Pure Bred Foreign Breeds, e.g. Andalusian, Lusitano, Lipizzaner, Caspian, Morgan,Trakehner, Haflinger, Norwegian Fjord, Appaloosa, Icelandic, American Saddle Bred and Warmblood. If entries warrant the Andalusian/Lusitano will be judged separately. Not open to Arab horses who have their own classes. All competitors entering these classes are requested to submit commentary notes (at time of entry) providing information about the horse and its breed.

Entry Fee: £25.00 Class Closed Prizes: 1st - £35, 2nd - £30, 3rd - £25


The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse Ltd kindly offer a rosette to the highest placed Spanish horse.


The Haflinger Society of GB offers a special rosette to the highest placed Haflinger owned or ridden by a member of the society.


A British Appaloosa Society Card of Merit will be awarded to the highest placed BApS member with a BApS registered horse in Foreign Breed classes, in hand and ridden. BApS Membership cards must be shown in the ring to claim your award and the card of Merit must be signed by the Judge or Show secretary. It is the members responsibility to return the Merit card to BApS to claim their award following the show.