Class HG516

Equestrian Riding Horses Class HG516: Novice Riding Horse

Mare or gelding 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms.


These classes are held under the rules of the British Show Horse Association (BSHA). Owner, Riders and Horses must be registered with the BSHA or have temporary membership with a Day Ticket. Horses registered with the association must be owned and exhibited by current BSHA Members. Riders must be 15 years of age or older. Registration numbers must be quoted on entry form.


Class 517 is open to BSHA registered horses that have not won a first prize of £60 or a total of £200 in prize money (or equivalent values) in any showing classes excluding Working Show Horses, Best Trained, Pairs, Side Saddle, or In Hand classes that were affiliated to the BSHA at home or abroad, before 1st January in the current year. If the horse has changed category from a Hack to a Riding Horse or vice versa, it may not revert back to a novice. Prize money won in 4 year old classes will be ignored, unless the horse has won an Open Ridden class with first prize of £35 or more. This class may be split, at the judges discretion, by height. Horses to be ridden by the judge. Snaffle bridles may be worn for Novice classes. Exhibitors who are not registered with the BSHA must have purchased a Day Ticket in order to compete in Novice classes.


BSHA Day Tickets

Non-Members may purchase up to a maximum of 2 Day Tickets per exhibitor, per rider, per horse per season. A Day Ticket will allow entry into Amateur, Home Produced, In-Hand, Novice, Working, Young Rider and Open Affiliated classes only, but will not allow entry into RIHS or HOYS qualifying classes. Horses registered on a Day Ticket do not require a JMB height certificate. Competitors can apply for a Day Ticket by downloading an application form from the BSHA website, Animals which have been placed in the top five at either the RIHS or HOYS in any Open Ridden class, BSHA or otherwise, with the exception of the Search for a Star Final, are ineligible to compete in Novice Hack / Cob / Maxi Cob / Riding Horse classes.

Ring Area: Ring 3 Entry Fee: £25.00 Class Closed Prizes: 1st - £35, 2nd - £30, 3rd - £25


The BSHA offer a Novice, Amateur and Young Rider rosette in each open class and a Champion rosette for each section.