Schedules coming soon!

   03 Jun 2021

Save the dates - 29th & 30th August - FULL competition schedules are in progress.

There's certainly a lot of enthusiasm for getting out and entering competitions this year - we know you can't wait to be back at the E&O Show. 

The fast-changing nature of the situation so far this year has meant that many key elements behind the scenes have taken a little longer than usual to firm up. The events industry was hit very hard by coronavirus, with many contractors needing to shut down and furlough their teams. Getting things back up and running is pretty complex, but thankfully everyone's pulling together to make it happen! 

Our schedules for equestrian and livestock competitions are almost ready. We're just confirming the sponsors and waiting for final Covid guidance from the various bodies that oversee our activity. Entries can be made online here soon. Make sure you're following our social media feeds to hear the news first!